Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Advent Resources


On this page you will find a number of websites that have great Advent activities you might want use as you journey towards Christmas. 

Catholicmom  has a wonderful page full of Advent activities. 

If you enjoy making the Jesse tree here is one site you might like to use and if you like the tree pictured above go here to make it!

However, if you have never made a Jesse tree and feel a tad overwhelmed by the idea - you can check out this blog post from Holy Heroes  and learn about a great product they are selling that will make it an easy project to tackle. 

Many parents  have created paper advent wreaths with their children for a variety of reasons. There is the danger of allowing small ones to light the candle. (Ok - maybe the little ones can handle lighting that tiny wick, but many a mother's nerves can’t.) Also - when each child has his or her own paper wreath - there is no arguing over who gets to light the candle tonight.  So here is just one of many paper wreath options. (When you get to this page look up in the right hand corner to the search button that states "seek and ye shall find".)  And for those who are less faint of heart - here is a paper wreath from Catholic Sistas that encompasses tea lights. 

Here is an incredible website from Loyola Press that is chock full of activities whether for the classroom, individual families and for your parish too.  

And for a touch of diversity, we reached across the pond and found this site.  This site has quite a variety of activities and crafts for the children to do. This site has quite a few adverts on it and this is a good time to point out that some sites will have ads that change. So far none have had inappropriate ads for children but revolving ads are sometimes unpredictable. Please keep that in mind when searching these sites and keep in mind that all sites can lead to other sites and as such, its best to keep an eye on younger ones as they search for fun things to do online. 

Make sure you drop by this page now and again as we will continue to add resources as we find them. We hope to also share things the author and her family have done as a family to help develop the sense of waiting during the four Sundays of Advent.